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Metalcore bands generally feature two lead and rhythm electric guitarists who often play fast riffs with dual leads.[citation needed] The harmonies are usually very simplistic, and the harmony is often just a third played over a very simple root part on the minor scale. Bassists usually follow the rhythm guitar.[citation needed] The drummer usually performs using double-kick or double-bass drums.
[edit] Vocals

Vocals in metalcore are often unclean and became common among many 1990s metalcore groups.[citation needed] Today many metalcore groups combine unclean vocals with clean vocals.[36]
Zao, a Christian metalcore group
[edit] Ideologies

Metalcore initially emerged from the milieu surrounding youth crew hardcore, with many of the groups adhering to straight edge beliefs (that is to say, abstention from drugs and alcohol), though Integrity was a notable exception.[47] Earth Crisis proselytized for veganism and animal rights, which had an enduring effect on numerous bands, including Veil Of Maya, Converge.[48] Converge was also notable for their focus on personal anguish and experiences of failed romantic love.[49] One Life Crew and other skinhead hardcore groups,[50] were controversial for their right-wing political beliefs.[51] Dwid Hellion, frontman of Integrity, advocated the "Holy Terror Church of Final Judgment", an outlook related to Satanism.[1] Several members of contemporary melodic metalcore groups are practicing Christians: Zao[52], As I Lay Dying,[53],Underoath[54] and Norma Jean[55] are notable examples.
[edit] Subgenres
[edit] Mathcore
Main article: Mathcore

Mathcore began with the mid-'90s work of Converge[56], Botch[57][58] and The Dillinger Escape Plan[59]. The term mathcore is suggested by analogy with math rock. Mathcore is characterized by speed technical riffing, and unusual time signatures.[60][61] Bands such as Protest the Hero, Ion Dissonance,[62] and Fear Before,[63] are bands that incorprate metalcore standards along with time signatures and progressive elements.
[edit] Deathcore
Main article: Deathcore

Deathcore is an amalgamation of metalcore and death metal[64]. The genre was pioneered by Despised Icon[65], Job for a Cowboy and The Red Chord in the early years of the 21st century. While remaining a subgenre of metalcore, deathcore is heavily influenced by death metal in its speed, heaviness, and approach to chromatic, heavily palm muted riffing, dissonance, and frequent key changes[citation needed]. Deathcore often features breakdowns and melodic riffs[64][66].



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